Border Collies as Working Dogs


I can’t imagine the stamina it takes for this dog to do all that work every day! This crazy boy is a Border Collie. This breed was specifically bred to manage livestock. They are called working dogs.

Border collies are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, but they are also high intensity and have tons of energy. Border collies are easy to train and can learn a variety of tasks. They need lots of attention and LOTS of exercise. This is why they make such perfect working dogs.


Over the years the term “working dog” has expanded beyond just managing and herding livestock. Such as this fella. He has been trained to help his pop out with the farming duties as well. They can also be trained to assist with “babysitting duties” and are fiercely loyal protectors. This breed is wonderful as a service dog as well. They can be trained to do the minutest of tasks, such as retrieving the morning paper, to running to the nearest neighbors and alerting for help. Something more fun to enjoy with this breed would be flying disc or fly ball competitions. Just about every task there is, a border collie can take on.

But also beware, as this high level of intelligence and sensitivity to all surroundings shouldn’t be taken lightly. Solid training and socialization from a young age is necessary for your border collie to be the best he/she can be. So, if you are in the market for a pup that is above average in almost all categories, a border collie might just be the choice for you.


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