While Dogs Wait

Written by Keenan Angel

When the movie, The Secret Life of Pets, came out, I actually began to wonder, what are my pets doing while I’m gone. For that matter, what are all pets doing while their owners are at work, running errands or trying to escape the chaos of everyday home life. When I saw the movie it wasn’t to difficult for me to believe that these pets could be doing such naughty things while I was away. I figured they were not roaming the streets of the neighborhood and selling doggy crack, but I did think they might be getting into the fridge, eating all of my good food or blaring head banger music. If my dogs rock anything like I try to, it could mean big trouble for my empty household. What about other pets? Are cats climbing up window curtains and dive bombing onto the hamster cages. Maybe they’re taunting the other animals. What about birds? They’re probably hiding all the phrases they really know and shouting them at the TV while they fly around the house. Then again, none of that could be happening. If it’s anything like these dogs in the video, it’s boring. They don’t do anything but wait for you to get home. They sit on the bed, sometimes looking out the window, stand up to change positions and plop back down to stare at the door. Counting down the eternity, it seems to them, until you come home. I think this video just goes to show that dogs really do love all of us to death. They’ll wait for hours on end, some more patient then others, until they hear that turn of the door knob. They come running to the door, jump up and let all of their love gush out.


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