What Really Happened to Your Christmas Tree


Cats and Christmas trees, it’s really not hard to see the attraction. Cats are just naturally drawn to trees, inside anyway, outside it really doesn’t matter. A tree to a cat, is a good fun time no matter where it is. Now, when you decorate it with shiny strings and dangling objects, it’s becomes a whole new object of fascination.

What Really Happened to Your Christmas Tree

Imagine if you were a cat and let’s say, your humans brought in a live tree. If your kitty goes outside on occasion, then it will probably see this and think that you brought in it’s favorite outdoor scratching post. When you loaded it full of temptations, kitty was probably ecstatic with joy. Thoughts full of climbing, scratching and playing are racing through your cat’s head. Surely this fantastic new thing was meant just for them. The star on the top is but a challenge.

If you come home and your tree is knocked over and destroyed it’s a pretty good chance that this is what happened.


Your cat had been waiting for you to leave since you put your tree up and decorated it. The house was quiet and your furry friends’ senses were heightened, expecting anything. Kitty approaches the tree delicately, sniffing at it and testing it with the whiskers. It seems to smell the same as the ones outside with touches of human scents.

A shiny thing hanging down catches your cat’s attention so, naturally, kitty plays with it until it falls to the ground. Then, does this repeatedly, with multiple ornaments.

Bored with this, kitty decides to see if this tree is as good for scratching. After sinking its claws in once, it has decided that this was indeed as good. Once the bark was successfully stripped from the tree your kitty decided to venture upward, of course knocking things down along the way.

Once your kitty reached the top of the tree, this is where things get a little crazy. It then decides to see how fast it can travel around inside of the tree, moving up and down from branch to branch, out to the ends and up the outside. All madness ensued.

Then, a shiny piece of garland catches fur face’s attention so it bites it and pulls. It gives some, so kitty keeps pulling until the tree lands on the ground. Crash!

This, of course, is only one scenario of what may have happened.

Merry Christmas!


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