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What Do Squirrels Do In Trees?


This little guy reminds me of that silly saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat, on the Ice Age movies. He’s always causing catastrophic things to happen by chasing after an acorn like it’s the last one in existence. After watching this, I imagine that the acorn had some pretty spectacular views.

That was an interesting perspective of climbing a tree. It was also a rare look into the life of a squirrel. It made me wonder…

What Do Squirrels Do In Trees?

The short answer is, they live there. Tree squirrels do, anyway. There are different types of squirrel who don’t climb trees. Tree squirrels prefer trees that provide a comfortable living space and that are close to a food source. They will often find trees with natural hollows to call their home. The vacated homes of woodpeckers are also sought out by squirrels. If neither of these options are available, then the squirrel will build a nest in the coziest spot it can find, on the most perfect branch. It usually builds it’s nest out of twigs and leaves.


Tree squirrels don’t hibernate like their cousins, the ground squirrels. They hide out in their nests and tree holes to keep warm in the coldest weather. They spend much of their time collecting food, and apparently cameras.

Trees squirrels eat a variety of nuts and berries, which generally takes them out of their beloved trees to find. They are also likely to eat the bark off of the trees and scavenge a birds nest. Some squirrels will eat bird eggs or even the occasional baby bird.

This crazy squirrel who took the video camera must have thought he hit the jackpot in the food department. I’m sure he was sorely disappointed. Who knows, maybe he was hoping that this device could provide him with some entertainment that he could enjoy at home. At least there were no catastrophic consequences from his actions.


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  • I think the most interesting part of this one is that someone would consider putting a go-pro on a squirrel in the first place. That’s thinking out of the box for sure

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