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Why don’t we all walk any type of animal on a treadmill? It would be the perfect pastime for all pets. Set the speed on low and let them go bonkers. They get a good workout in and wear off some energy. We all know how much energy pets can have, especially dogs. I swear they are like little children. Go, go, go all the time. Constant flow of, energizer bunny, type spirit. So watching this turtle slowly trot along and then a little more speed and finally full blown, flash like quickness, that’s working out at its finest.

This video proves that not all turtles are slow. If you had told me how fast this turtle was moving there’s no way I would of believed you. Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles in the world. It’s probably a good thing that they are able to move rather fast because they travel thousands of miles. Every two or three years they return home from the wandering journeys and lay eggs. Most turtles have the same life expectancy as humans, between forty to one hundred years. The turtles shell, which is it’s home and safe haven, is made up of sixty different bones all connected together. Some turtles can live more than a year without food. That’s pretty good considering all the travel they end up doing.

If you have a turtle as a pet, see if you know anyone that also has a bunny. Put them both on the treadmill and see who is the most fast. My odds are on the bunny of course but after seeing this video I know that turtle will give him a run for his…carrots? If that doesn’t work I guess snuggling up with them will work equally as well.


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