Wake up Kitty!


Wake up kitty!

It’s quite rare to see a cat and a bird getting along. Let alone to see a bird poking at a cat to wake him up. It’s surprising the cat didn’t unleash its claws and knock the bird right off the table. I would even go a step further and say its a miracle the bird still has a head. In my personal experience, I’ve seen cats jump and catch small birds in mid air, and land safely back on the ground. The cats go trotting off with their dinner and peacefully enjoy it. The only conclusion I can come to is that the cat is a relative of garfield. No sudden movements and nothing really bothers it. Lazy at it’s core and concerned with one thing, food. Food is what brings true joy to any kitty.

The simplest way to make the a cat and bird see eye to eye is let them meet. Preferably from a far distance at first. If the bird seems relaxed and not worried allow the cat to move in closer. If the cat or the bird go ballistic and have the death glare in both their eyes, some friendships just aren’t meant to be, don’t force it. Most the time the friendships won’t stick and they’ll be sworn enemies for life. This is a special kind of relationship though. I have a feeling that the bird will ride around on the cats back and use it like a horse. Now if only this bird could talk. That would make this entire adventure, pure gold. Until such a video surfaces I suppose we will be stuck with bird alarm clocks. Head nudges and gentle scratches waiting for his best friend to wake up from his nap.


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