Tummy Rubs


As a child I always wanted a lizard. I thought they were oddly cute and didn’t seem to be too high maintenance. I also wanted to see the infamous tail loss. I had always heard that if a lizard felt in danger that it would lose it’s tail as a means of a escape. After doing some research, this is true and yes it does grow back. They’d look rather silly with no tails. This is by far the first lizard I’ve ever seen that enjoys being pampered. Some days I think all of use could use a tummy scratching day. Weeks at work are long and the boss is ragging on you to finish those assignments or projects. You can just tell him or her to go take a hike and have yourself a spa day.

Lizards are able to smell by tasting the air around them. That’s why you’ll often see them moping around with their tongues moving in and out of their mouths at an incredible rate. So that would mean whatever they taste they also smell? I’m glad humans aren’t set up like that. It could be devastating. There are some lizards that are able to shoot blood out of their eyes, up to four feet away. Then you have the chameleon lizards that can change their body color to adapt to their surroundings. So between blood shooting, tail losing and body color changing lizards, they have all the unique aspects of the spectrum fully covered. Lizards do make great pets. They aren’t a great deal of work to take care of. If you’re on the prowl for a new pet, a lizard just might be the way to go. If you can find one with all three of those crazy traits, you’ve probably hit the jackpot. Just watch out for random tails around the house.


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