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One of the most common activities in the animal kingdom is the art of migration. Some do it for food, and some for breeding. Some will also travel long distances to find a better habitat for their kind. Some of these adventures can cover dangerous lands with predators looking to take advantage of migrating animals out of their element. In one unique case of migration two friends reunite after someone lends a helping hand that wasn’t forgotten. Penguins are known for dedicating their lives to another penguin and for Dindim he has dedicated his life to the human who saved him.

In 2011, an oil spill left a young penguin covered in oil. In most cases this would not end well for the animal but luckily for Dindim he found a new friend that day. Joao Pereira de Souza lives in Brazil. He found the penguin and brought him inside and cleaned him off. After a week he sent Dindim on his way but he wasn’t ready yet. He stayed for 11 months longer so he could fully recover. One morning Joao Pereira woke to find that his penguin friend had disappeared and he thought it was the last time he would see him. Dindim did not forget what his friend did for him, and spending almost a year with him created a strong bond. So strong that every year this penguin travels 5,000 miles to visit and spend time with his friend.

In Brazil it is against the law to have wild animals as pets. 5,000 miles is a long migration for any animal, and for a vulnerable penguin it’s a dangerous one. Six years have passed and there has not been an obstacle that has gotten in the way of this friendship. With the strength Dindim has shown, it looks like he will continue to travel every year to thank his human friend for taking care of him.

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