The Widowmaker



This encounter might look like a once in a lifetime experience, that everyone would want to see. However, this could be your last lifetime experience if you’re not careful. The animal is a cape buffalo. They are often referred to as “The Widowmaker.”

The African Cape buffalo are part of the cow family. Usually a stocky build, reaching heights of 6 to 11 feet tall and they can weigh upwards of 1500 lbs. Found in the African grasslands, they congregate very close to water. They travel in herds and are fiercely of their group. Life expectancy can be up to 30 years. They have the ability to run up to speeds of 35 mph. They are surprisingly strong, thought to be four times stronger than an Ox.

So why are they called “The Widowmaker?”  The Cape buffalo is in the top 10 most deadly creatures found in Africa, topping both the African lion and Rhino. They are also included in “The Big Five.” What is “The Big Five” you may ask? These are the top five most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt. They are exponentially more dangerous to encounter. The Cape buffalo has been known to attack humans after they have been wounded or attacked. They kill more humans each year than any other African animal, topping 200 people per year.  If you ever decide to go on an African safari, be warned, this seemingly slow giant can be the most dangerous creature to encounter.



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