The Cute Little Slow Loris


This little guy looks soo cute and cuddly! I wasn’t even aware these fellas existed until I saw this video. He looks like a nice little pet, doesn’t he? Well, looks can be deceiving.

The Cute Little Slow Loris

The slow loris is actually a venomous animal and could be potentially life threatening to certain humans. This loris looks all adorable stretching those little arms out, but on the insides of those arms are glands that produce an oily chemical secretion. When this substance is combined with the animal’s saliva it creates a toxic venom similar to that of a cobra. Some humans are allergic to this venom, which can put them into an anaphylactic shock if they are bitten by a slow loris.

The slow loris is only one of two mammals who produce venom. The other is the platypus. The slow loris, though, is the only primate who can boast this feature. Being an animal that eats plants an insects, among other various things, this venomous bite is purely a defensive trait. They’re also known to lick themselves, effectively coating themselves in this venom to prevent predator attacks.


The different species of loris are all either endangered or vulnerable, due to habitat loss and human cruelty. This fact makes them illegal to own as pets. So if you were thinking of getting one, please be dissuaded. The process that these guys have to go through in order to become a pet is very unpleasant.

Imagine being taken from your home and then having your teeth either pulled out or cut off without anesthesia. Then you’re shipped off to a new world where your expected to be awake at night and sleep during the day. Doesn’t sound very pleasant.

The slow loris is a nocturnal animal, so being expected to be awake during the day can be dreadful for them. The process of clipping their teeth often leads to infections, occasionally resulting in the unnecessary deaths of these already endangered creatures. On top of all of this, there are people who believe that the loris holds some sort of supernatural power that can ward off evil and even cure the wounded. They are not required to be alive for this type of practice.

These people in the video seem to admire this little fella, I hope they know what he went through to get to them. It sure would be great if everyone could do the right thing and leave nature where it belongs. If you insist on acquiring an exotic animal, PLEASE do your research first.

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