Talkative Corn-Eating Porcupine


This little guy makes me want to hold him tight like a teddy bear and use that voice that’s reserved for babies and anything that’s just too cute. So, I suppose he was accurately named. Although porcupines make terrible cuddle companions, with their barbed quills hiding just under all that soft-looking hair.

Teddy Bear is now 13-years-old, but he had a rough start in life. He was found in a barn by a rancher, alone and near death. He had been abandoned by his mother. Whether intentional or not, she left him there with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached to him.

He was taken to a place in Dallas, Texas called the Zooniversity. Zooniversity is a neat company; they are not a zoo to visit, but they will visit you with an animal of your choosing and give an educational performance. They nursed Teddy Bear back to health, but never knowing the touch of his own kind had some life-long consequences.


Teddy Bear bonded very strongly with humans. Having done so meant that he could never be introduced back into the wild. He lacked the fear of humans and other animals that is detrimental to surviving in the wild. I suppose for him none of that matters. He came into the world and knew only the love that humans showed him.

If Teddy Bear’s talkative personality and his adorable feature’s are just too much for you to resist, you can schedule a private session with him. Well not completely private, his handlers will remain present. You would also need to be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but they will bring him to you so that you can meet this cute little guy. Being raised with humans makes him less likely to stick out his quills, just be kind and don’t frighten him or he’ll show you what he’s made of.

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