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We might all find ourselves having a little more time on our hands if each of us had a dog such as this one. Meet Jesse. With the encouragement, support and an enormous amount of love from his human, Jesse has become a phenomenal dog. There are several videos out there showing Jesse’s unbridled talent. I believe this one was the first.

This particular Jack Russel Terrier is known widely for his helpful tricks, but it’s not only his human who helped it happen. It’s in his gene’s. Not his alone, the whole Jack Russel Terrier breed. They are incredibly smart dogs if they have the right type of humans to direct them.

These dogs can be highly compared to the Energizer Bunny. They are very high-strung and need a lot of exercise combined with skillful training to balance them out. They’re definitely not the type of dog who is content to entertain themselves.


Jack Russels need humans who are either as equally energetic or as equally ambitious as they are themselves. So for Jesse to find a human who was willing to devote her time and energy into making a reputation for him, well that was just a perfect fit. Her ambition gave him the outlet he needed to become the well balanced, and completely amazing, Jack Russel Terrier that he is today.

Having a Jack Russel Terrier to help us out around the house seems like an ingenious plan. The time we could save by having help with a few little things is invaluable. Just remember, they are not born knowing how to do these things. It takes tons of time, tons of effort and tons of training.

So if you want both time and a Jack Russel Terrier, then you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist. Jesse is an excellent helper, but it’s all show. It shows the brilliance of the breed and what they are capable of. They are capable of incredible things, if they’re paired with incredible humans.

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