The Super Colored Chameleon


Imagine you’re sitting on a red chair and your skin turns red. Then you stand up and you turn back to normal. A little bit later you go out for a run and come to a stop by a wall that is blue. You lean up against the wall and your entire body turns blue. That would be one of the most trippy experiences I would every experience.

Chameleons can turn almost any color and some change in as little as twenty seconds. They also have ballistic tongues. This means that their tongues are one and a half to two times the length of their body. When they’re blended in behind their sweet shades they can shoot their tongues out and catch a fly in mid-air. If these weren’t reasons enough to show how cool chameleons are they also have ultraviolet vision. They’re able to see in both visible and ultraviolet light. Their eyesight is so good they can see insects five to ten meters away.

It’s amazing how these little reptiles are are so unique. Many people often get chameleons or lizards as pets and you can see why. I’m sure more than one person has had the experience of going to feed them and they’ve somehow disappeared. Well maybe they didn’t actually disappear. They’re just camouflaged and hiding from you. Now if the chameleon escaped out of its cage and had free roam of the house, that could be another story. There’s a good chance if it were to escape it’d be the greatest game of hide seek you ever would play.


These little reptiles are amazing creatures. Pick one up from your local pet store and give it a pair of sunglasses and some sand to make a bed in. It’ll be happy as can be.


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