Sunbathing Lemurs


Who doesn’t love some good ol’ sunbathing? It’s a pastime that humans and many animals enjoy doing at any given moment. These lemur monkeys seemed to have perfected the art, appearing to mediate in their yoga like poses. The simply sit back and open their arms, as if to hug the universe.

Lemurs are native to the extremely sunny and warm Madagascar, they have thrived there because there are no other monkeys to compete with there.  They love to be active during the day time hours and always seem to save some time for opening their arms to take in the sunshine.

Watching these adorable primates taking in raze reminds me a little of watching a group of college kids enjoying their spring break on the beach, and it’s really not that far off.  They are social beings and they form groups or “troops”.  These troops usually contain around 17 members, but can range anywhere from 6-30. And the best part of these troops is that the females are dominant.  That’s right; there is generally one alpha female that rules the roost.


Lemurs actually communicate with each other in a very interesting way.  These monkeys have powerful sweat glands that produce a strong odor which is used send many messages. It can be used as a threat to others to stay off their territory, or to try and get a mate. During mating season the male monkeys cover their long ringed tails with an extremely smelly secretion. They then go tail to tail in a battle of stinkiness to prove their dominance. Boy, I’m sure glad this is not one primal instinct that was passed on to human men.

Everywhere I go I see animals enjoying the sun, whether it’s cats, dogs, horses or snakes. There’s no doubt the sun soul warming nutrients just make us feel good. I’m grateful to live in Arizona where I can get my sun daily, have you got your sun today?


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