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Talk about making a bad day into something great! This guy gets batted around like a run-of-the-mill tennis ball, yet he doesn’t seem to be upset about it. Actually, he looks like he is having a good time flying around the court with a smile on his face. But if I had the capability of gliding like that, and I could soar in the clouds, I might always have a smile on my face too.

Sugar gliders have become a very popular pet choice. So much so that owners of a sugar glider have dedicated their own nickname to them; a “Suggie”. Yet, it doesn’t take long to see why they’re so popular; they’re cute, small, and seem like they’d be relatively easy to care for.

They are generally forest creatures, they originated in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. They are marsupials, meaning that they grew up in their mama’s pouch just like kangaroos. Their basic diet consists of most sweet things (hence their sweet name.) That generally includes fruit, nectar and a sap of eucalyptus trees. But, they’re also known to eat their occasional insects and even some small birds or rodents.


Generally, these animals are extremely social creatures. They like to be around members of their species, and also like to spend time with humans. So if you’re considering getting a sugar glider of your own, keep in mind that they should be kept in pairs and plan for lots of play and cuddle time.

Unfortunately, even though they might look awesome gliding from your bookcase like this guy does, there’s always a challenge lurking behind anything so awesome. The main challenges that come with owning a sugar glider is the cost. They can be rather expensive to purchase, feed and house. As they are exotic animals, they need an exotic diet. There is no sugar glider specific kibble. Also, since they generally live on treetops they have a large caging requirement. The general cage requirement is 24 x 24 inches, and 36 inches high so it looks more like a birdcage than a hamster cage.

Like every pet, sugar gliders will need constant maintenance. But with them being so cute, cuddly and having such amazing abilities it shouldn’t be a problem to your general animal lover.


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