Sneezing Panda


Oh my, that might be one of the most unexpectedly adorable things I have ever seen! From the title I was thinking it was going to be some cute little squeaky sneeze. That one was worthy of a full sized panda bear.

I absolutely love how startled the Mama bear was. She’s just sitting there enjoying her snack and the silence of naptime when, bam! Silence shattered. It came out of nowhere. The echo made it even more memorable.

This video of the lovable Mama and baby combination was taken at the Wolong Panda Centre back in 2006. It was a research and breeding center in the Wolong Nature Reserve, which is somewhat similar to a National Park; only instead of seeing deer, squirrels and bears you would see Giant Pandas.


The reserve was located in Sichuan Province, China in the Min Shan mountain range. It was established in 1963 and was the oldest and largest Giant Panda breeding center in the world. It was also well known for its majestic natural beauty. Unfortunately though, the reserve was completely destroyed in an earthquake in 2008. These guys will live on in our memories thanks to this unforgettable sneeze.

It is said by the Qiang people local to the area that a giant dragon was strolling through the valley and delighting in the beauty all around. The dragon became so enchanted by this stunning scenery that it decided to lay down and take a little nap. It never did wake up. Wo long means sleeping dragon in Chinese.

I like to think that the dragon did decide to wake up and that’s what caused the massive earthquake that took the lives of all of the Pandas and staff. The dragon just wanted to take some of the majestic beauty along with it.

Rest in peace lovely Pandas.



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