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Britain’s Smallest Steed


This little guy named Acer has become quite a celebrity, not only does he have nearly 5 million views on YouTube, he (or a horse that looks exactly like him) has recently starred in his own commercial for Amazon Prime. Although the Amazon commercial indicates that he is a lonely little horse who suffers from dwarfism, and has a hard time making friends with the adult size horses, in reality he is quite popular in his home town of Corringham, England as well as their local pub.

One thing that is somewhat accurate with the commercial, is that he doesn’t have a lot of horse friends. This isn’t because they don’t like him due to his differences, but more because he’s forbidden to be around the adult horses due to the fear that he might get hurt. Yet, this doesn’t stop him from making friends with other animals. As the video shows, he has a best friend named Demon, who is the owner’s black Labrador. His owner, Maureen O’Sullivan, believes that because they are both relatively the same size they get along great, in fact, they get along so well that she claims most the time Acer believes he’s more of a dog than a horse.

The main thing that makes Acer different from a regular miniature foul is that he stands 22 inches tall, where an average miniature steed is generally around 38 inches, but they are relatively the same weight.


During the video the owner states that “while most people would have the horse put down”, that sentiment is sad but true. Where some people might do this because having the dwarfism gene would take the horse out of competitions. The reality of it is that miniature horses are a more susceptible to certain health problems; such as obesity, dental issues, colic, and hypothermia. They also have problems in the reproductive area with issues including dystocia (difficulties in labor) and eclampsia (difficulties in the lactation process).

We can thank our lucky stars that horses like Acer and L’il Sebastian from Parks and Recreation have overcome these difficulties and I’m sure as technology improves there will be more advances in treating these conditions. Until then we can enjoy watching these cute little guys warm our hearts as much as they do the townspeople of Corringham, England.


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