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Slow and Steady


Slow and steady wins the race is what I’ve always been told. I’m not so sure that applies here. I am curious as to what the dog thinks he is gaining here by riding on the turtle, besides a free ride of course. Now it could be that his legs are just exhausted and that turtles shell looks all to enjoyable to piggy back on. But honestly? This is just too darn funny. The dog could lay on it’s stomach and army crawl faster than that turtle is moving. The average dog can run around nineteen miles per hour and that’s eighteen and half miles faster then these two are currently traveling.

It’s also a myth that dogs are colorblind. They can see colors fine just not as vividly Maybe this dog jumped up on the back of the turtle because it liked the color of it’s shell. Maybe the ridges on the back of the shell felt good on the dogs paws. I’m sure there are a hundred questions and even more answers that could be made from this video.

The question I have is, can the turtle feel the dog on the back of it? I’m sure it can feel that there’s more weighing him down then usual shell weight. I’m sure the turtle probably doesn’t know or doesn’t care. Now towards the end of the video they both triumphantly cross over the finish line, well a line. I’m going to call it the finish line because I’m sure there is another dog and turtle just off to the side of them racing.


The only other explanation for this unique match up is the turtle is a taxi and the dog flagged it down. I’m sure the dog had one too many biscuits and needs a ride to the store to pick up more treats. What ever the case may be it’s definitely entertaining to watch.


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