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Sloths…is there really anything else to say about them? Besides the fact they’re internet stars. There are other things we can get to but how can we move past any modern day, funny or dirty, meme. There is a sloth meme for every situation that you could possibly encounter in life. I’ve used them myself countless times. Is there any reason or truth behind any of the sayings? Lets dive in and find out.

The general misconceptions about sloths range from being slow, lazy, to sleeping days on end and have the IQ’s of a walnut. All of these, although funny, are simply not true. Sloths do move at an alarmingly slow rate on land, in water however, they move almost three times as fast. As to being lazy, I think it’s safe to say we all have our lazy days, the only difference is Sloth’s are professionals at this. They have the relaxation game figured out to a tee. They’re probably the stoners of the animal world. “Yeeeaaahhh duuuuuuude.” As for their brains, being dumb is far from the case. The old saying “work smarter not harder” was probably developed by them. Probably not, but it would make a good meme to add to their archive.

If those weren’t reasons enough to give sloths some more street cred, here are a few more. Algae grows on their hair which makes for good camouflage. Their diet consists of mainly leaves, plus one for the vegetarians. Sloths have four inch claws which makes them have incredible grip on branches and trees. Their grip is so strong that often times it’s locked in even after they die, that’s commitment.


At the end of the day these funny looking, internet craving, mellow creatures are more than a treat to see. Sometimes just hanging out in a tree and living life one slow crawl at a time is what everyone needs.


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