Silly Bear Cubs


Bear cubs are always getting into trouble! Whether it be swimming in someone’s pool, jumping on a trampoline, or getting stuck in a dumpster; they have a way of amusing us with their crazy shenanigans.

Silly Bear Cubs

There have been many tales of baby bears, or even a family of bears, using people’s yard toys or furniture to entertain themselves. Those who think that cat’s have the highest curiosity, must not have seen bear cubs at play. They’re kind of like a mixture of a two year old and a puppy. Curious beyond belief, with the animal instinct to play with everything.

This family of black bears was just taking a nice family vacation, enjoying the water in someone else’s pool. One of them even decided to see what those floaties were all about.


Oh, and these two. They are most definitely up to no good!

bear trouble

Much like our human kids, bear cubs learn by playing and exploring new things. Maybe that family of bears, in the pool, only lives near running water, and this was Mama bear’s only chance to teach her kids to swim. The cubs in the dumpster were probably working together to find suitable materials to help build the family nest for hibernation. Those two with the boat, though, they just look like trouble makers.

Little bear cubs are cute little balls of adventure. Always remember, if you see a baby bear being singularly rambunctious, Mama bear isn’t too far away.

Bears have an excellent sense of smell. They can smell prey and their own cubs from miles away. They can, also, run as fast as 37 mph. That’s about 50 feet per second. So, if she thinks her babies are in danger, the mother bear will be able to get there rather quickly.

The Mama bear in this dumpster video was probably wondering how she was going to get her crazy kids out of there. I wonder if she felt gratitude towards these humans for helping.

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