Shiba Inu Meets Santa

Written by Keenan Angel

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout I’m telling you why….Shiba Inu met Santa! I said Shiba Inu met santa!

This beautiful pups name is Kya. Kya made big time news when she found out what one of her Christmas presents were. No it wasn’t a giant bone that was the size of her body. That would have been a cool gift. Maybe, next Christmas they could ask for it when her birthday rolls around.

Bones, besides man, are dogs second best friend. It’s not even a competition. Not only do they occupy their time, wear them out and make them happy but they also, if you get the right ones, cleans their teeth as well. Okay, so if it isn’t a bone, could it be a toy? A brand new, squeaky, incredibly annoying, possibly a monkey like looking toy?! No, that isn’t the case either.


Toy’s come in handy, small bones as well not the giant once a year ones, for everyday circumstances. Say your dog has been good all week. She’s not had any accidents, no barking at the mailman, no constant whining, just a happy loving dog. If it isn’t a giant dog bone, treat or toy what in the Sam heck could it be? Great question it.

Well have you ever had a childhood hero? Maybe it wasn’t even a person. It could’ve been an object, and idea or maybe a friend that you looked up to. Well dogs develop special bonds as well. Each dog has a toy or most the time it’s their owner that is just the most amazing person in their life.

This person can do no wrong in the eyes of a dog no matter what the individual does. They could be a horrible person and an even worse person to the dog and yet that puppy will love that owner with all of it’s heart. It will always give a 100% of itself back to you.

That means when you have a dog whose love is for Santa…you best know what they are getting for Christmas. Kya is absolutely in love with her Santa toy. There’s a chance that she loves that toy more than she loves her owner. Okay maybe not…but she’ll never forget what her owner does as a Christmas gift.

These are the type of stories that need to be broadcasted more across the news. Upbeat and loving stories. Things that make you want to get up in the morning, with your loving dog and make this world a better place, one good deed at a time. She takes this amazing, nervous, and excited beyond imagination, puppy and brings her to Santa. Once she’s sees the man in red Kya loses her mind. She won’t ever forget the time she got to meet one of her best friends and most importantly…heroes.

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