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The Sheep Who is Sure She’s a Dog


There are sheep dogs, which are quite common. Then there are, the less-known, beautifully unique, dog sheep. These are a rare breed, born from the love of dogs. Let’s not forget their love for dogs, that’s important too. Dog sheep are born when a rare set of circumstances ends with a lamb being raised by dogs, and of course a few helpful humans.

This sheep has been dubbed with the name, Pet. Which I suppose is fitting, because that is exactly what she has turned out to be. Pet suffered from some complications during her birth. There was an issue with her back legs and her condition was dire.

The Mackenzie’s, in fear of her situation, took her home with them and brought her inside to keep her warm. She was then introduced to their four border collies. This is where the magic happened. The dogs didn’t see an injured lamb, they saw a friend in need. The oldest dog, Dice, quickly became a mother figure for Pet.


Having the love and support of those four warm bodies, gave Pet the strength and courage that she needed to survive. Now the Mackenzie’s have five dogs, as Pet insists that she is one of them. She even sleeps in her own bed inside and goes on walks with the other dogs.

Pet is a truly amazing creature. She went from being a struggling baby lamb, to a beautiful, happy, dog. The Mackenzie’s say that she will always be a part of their family. It’s truly incredible what can happen when kind hearts, hands and paws are at work. Pet and her family, the Mackenzie’s, live in the Scottish Highlands. A place where even a broken lamb can find herself in a situation so loving, that she becomes a whole different animal.

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