Sea Turtle Rescued by Kayaker


This video is both heart warming and sad.  People like this restore my faith in humanity, they go out of their way to rescue a turtle tangled terribly in fishing net.  Even more, the guy actually gives the turtle a quick little good buy kiss as he sends him back into the waters.

My family and I are outdoorsy type people, and we very much enjoy camping, hiking, swimming and all of the wonderful things that nature as to offer.  It’s infuriating to go out on a trail or to the lake and see it littered with debris and garbage.  I just don’t have much patience for the total lack of respect. Every time we go out, we bring a garbage bag and help clean up messes left by other people.

Not only is this garbage unsightly and gross, it’s making a huge impact on the wildlife that we share this planet with.  This poor sea turtle would have most likely died had it not been for the kindness of these kayakers, all because some one was too careless to keep track of their equipment.


In today’s world there is over 100 million tons of plastic produced ever year, and a staggering 10% of that ends up in our waters. This plastic debris is often consumed by our sea creatures and is almost always fatal.  There is a trash vortex in on the North Pacific that has trillions of decomposing pieces of plastic that creates a giant swirling garage island the size of Texas!

Another horrifying fact you may not know is that cruise ships are legally allowed to dump untreated raw sewage strait into the ocean.  Yep, that’s right, as long as they are 3 miles from shore they are clear to dump toxic waste containing bacteria, pathogens, medical waste, oils, detergents, heavy metals and other harmful substances.  You can imagine that none of this is healthy for sea life.

If you’re passionate about treating our planet with respect, there are many environment groups you can get involved in.  Of course being responsible and making appropriate decisions about your own waste disposal and choosing products that are friendly to the environment make a huge difference too.

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