Screamin’ Gecko!


Oh my, what is that noise?!?! It reminds me of steam letting out of a kettle on the stove. Or maybe when you let air slowly out of a balloon. The strange noise is coming from a gecko. Part of the lizard species, the gecko is one of the most common lizards on the planet.

Geckos are a very diverse and fascinating creature. They can vary in size from a little under 2cm (.79in) all the way up to 60cm (23.6in). Geckos are mostly nocturnal, and their eyes are extremely sensitive to light! They do not have eyelids, so if you ever see a gecko lick their eyes, it’s because they are lubricating a thin membrane that covers and protects their eyes.

They make great pets. Geckos are relatively easy to take care of, needing only a medium sized aquarium, rocks, some trees/leaves to climb and rest on, a warm lamp, and some moisture. They like almost any small insect for food. They have been known to keep a house clean of gnats, flies, and mosquitoes. Geckos come in a variety of colors and sizes, which can be fun when picking out your new buddy! They are also relatively calm, and easy to handle.


So why do geckos squeal like that? Well, this is their way scaring off a potential predator. With geckos that are pets, it most commonly occurs when they are young and unsure of their owners. It’s recommended to give repeated attempts of getting your hands closer to them, putting your hand in the tank for a few minutes each day until they get used to you. The screaming can often be followed by a bite, but don’t be concerned…their bite isn’t going to seriously hurt you. Overall, they would make a great addition to any household.

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