Scared Dogs

Written by Keenan Angel

Dogs get scared just as much as humans do. It’s safe to say that their reactions are equally as entertaining as humans. Sometimes they might even be better. It’s funny how not just dogs and humans but also many other animals have the scared emotion. When something frightens us we jump. If we see something that we’re afraid of we back away. We run and hide because that’s what fear does to us. Even when we are told that it will be okay and that it’s okay to do or go wherever we are still hesitant.

Dogs are the same way. They have certain instincts that humans don’t. They’re able to sense when something is wrong. On the other hand of that spectrum their senses happen to be a little off sometimes. The smallest and most insignificant things can scare a dog. It could be a vacuum cleaner or even something as simple as stairs. It could range from a feather to a remote control.

Dogs have a strange sense when it comes to simple scares. Of course it isn’t funny at all to them but to the rest of us watching it’s hilarious. These dogs that are losing their minds over the most simple things make days at the office a little easier to bear. Sometimes you’re sitting there contemplating going postal on Susie, Greg, Stew or any other name that comes to mind. These videos bring light among dark days. Laughter can bring a new mood even when you just want to be mad; and these scared, terrified, dogs are little furry saviors. These videos are best for sitting around at the end of the day and kicking away an hours worth of laughing.


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