Cats in Hats


These videos were just too funny to pass up, these cats are seriously not impressed with their little santa hats. The first one is a little hard to tell if he really hates wearing hats or if he is just trying to play with it. Yet, there is no question with the cat below, he is seriously not having any holiday costumes this year!

With the growing popularity of cats in hats, and cats wearing clothes in general you would think that cats wouldn’t mind wearing a cute christmas hat or fun elf outfit every once in awhile. However, if you have ever tried to put a hat on a cat you might disagree.

The truth is it’s all in the cat’s temperament. Some cats are extremely chill, and very trusting of their owners and will tolerate the random discomfort for awhile. Yet, most cats don’t necessary like the feeling of anything touching their fur. Although it might look really adorable, cats don’t need protection from the cold like humans do, so it is not necessary for a cat to wear clothing. Of course they’re always exceptions to the rule, such as Sphinx’s or cats that have been shaved due to surgery or routine grooming.


Generally, you need to be a little precocious when putting garments on your cat. Other than the very obvious warning that your cat is not happy like they are hissing or biting the clothing. There are some other more subtle things you need to look for. Some warning signs would be that they are hiding, freezing in place or trying to scratch at the clothing. You also need to be careful that your outfit choice is not impairing their vision at all making it harder for them to jump, or move around in general.

Granted it is extremely amusing to see cats in cute little outfits, just be careful not to hurt your cat in the process.


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