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Oh retrievers. So lovely, cute, loyal..and…well sometimes downright silly. The name “retriever” obvious implies that they love to hunt, fetch, do jobs, and they are known for their love of water and swimming. So what happens when your retriever needs a bath? Exactly what you see here. It doesn’t matter the size of the pool of water, when retrievers see water, they will play. So where did they learn to love water?

Well, it all goes back to when and how they were bred. In the mid-19th century they were bred in England to retrieve waterfowl and game birds. They were originally a mix of Tweed Water Spaniels, Irish Setters, Bloodhounds, and other water retrieving dogs. It’s plain and simple. It’s in their DNA to love water. This would explain why they just cannot control themselves when they get anywhere near water!


Their physical characteristics were also bred to adapt to water situations. They have strong leg muscles, easily trainable to learn to swim at a young age. Their coats are water repellent and can withstand extremely cold water temperatures.

Now although your pup may seem like he has no intention to stop swimming once he starts, or that he’s never tiring…take precautions and make sure to give your dog plenty of fresh water and force them to take breaks. Allowing them to over work themselves in the water could lead to them getting stuck in the water and not have enough strength left to get themselves out. With that said, summer is almost here and I don’t know about you, but I am definitely taking my lab/shepherd mix swimming. It’s the most fun we ever have together.

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