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Welcome to the world of snow bouncing red pandas. Wait, did you say red panda? Why yes, yes I certainly did. What in the world is a red panda you might ask. Well I also thought the same thing. Having never heard of them, but coming across a video, staring me straight in the face were in fact, red pandas. Indigenous to the Himalayas and China they’re small, red, black and brown, bushy tailed mammals. Looking more related to the raccoon that to a panda. So why the relation to the giant pandas? Funny you should ask. Scientists have debated this for years. Joe thinks he’s right and Bob thinks he’s right, and the battle rages on. Red Pandas are mainly herbivores. Their diets consist of mostly bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots and the occasional fruit or flower. Not to mention their main climate. This gives them the upper hand in the panda family.

Their rustic, red and brown, coat color gives them a perfect camouflage in the fir trees where the branches are covered in a matching color of moss. This helps to avoid confrontation with their main predators, leopards and jackals. Most of the time they’re quiet animals but they converse with squeals or twitters. No, not the same juggernaut that is “twitter” in our modern times. Twitter as in a tweet, like the birds.

Their life spans range anywhere from 10-20 years. With poachers and of course, natural wildlife predators themselves, their life span grows increasingly less. While they have been put on the endangered species list, zoos around the world have taken up the call to preserve this species. If you stop by a zoo and see a red panda bouncing around making snow angels, just know these little “firefoxes”, yes the browser was named after these red jumping beans, are anything but ordinary.


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