The Raccoon And The Sprinkler Harp


This is such a clever video! It truly looks as if the raccoon is attempting to play a musical masterpiece with water. I wonder what would happen if a raccoon was presented with a real harp.

Raccoons have five fingers, but no thumb. This doesn’t prevent them from doing incredible things, though. They make up for the lack of an opposable digit by using both hands together. They can accomplish all sorts of mischievous activities this way.

Raccoons have pads on their fingers that have great sensory perception. The only comparison would be to that of a human or a primate. They are a lot like children, in that they learn by touching. They are excellent at figuring things out by tinkering with them. Especially when it comes to opening things. They have ninja-like precision.


Many people have seen the video of the raccoon “washing” his cotton candy in the water, only to have it dissolve away into nothing. This was probably extremely confusing for him. Raccoons use touch to explore. They often add water to this process, because it softens the pads of their fingers and allows them to feel things more accurately. This is why you will see raccoons meticulously rubbing an object under water.

These guys also have really good memories. They can remember the solution to a problem for up to three years. I imagine with a memory and dexterity, such as theirs, they probably could manage to play an actual harp. Especially if it was covered in water.

This guy was probably just trying to figure out what the spraying water was. Impossible to grasp, but it made his finger pads more responsive, so he must have decided it was something worthwhile.

Here’s the cotton candy video:


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