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Pitbull and Deer Playtime

Written by Keenan Angel

Playtime is the most important time of the day. If you’re a dog, and well taken care of, it comes multiple times a day. Running out into the yard and burning off some energy after being cooped up in the house all day. If you’re a well behaved pup, while your owners are gone, naps are the biggest part of your day. That means you have tons of extra energy just waiting to be unleashed. With that taken into consideration, imagine that you come home from work, give your dog a big hug and kiss, let them outside and come to find out there is a deer back there. Not just any deer. It’s a buck in your backyard roaming around. Now you think to yourself, there is no way that buck is going to stick around or that your dog isn’t going to try and tear that deer to shreds. Deer can be aggressive and rather dangerous if provoked. From the pitbull nagging at the deer, it would make one think that war was about to ensue between these two animals. That is far from the case, it would seem. They seem to actually get along with each other. It looks like they might actually be playing with each other. Jumping towards one another and then back. Playing some small games of cat and mouse. I think it just goes to show that any two animals can get alone with each other if given the right temperament and circumstances. Playing nice isn’t always easy, but these two definitely make it look that way. Sure, it’s not going to always be a given, but if a deer and a pitbull can make it work, then there is hope for many other mammals.


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