Pit Bull adopts ugly duckling


I would say a baby brings out the mother in you, whether pit bull or person, but have you ever seen a baby turkey? They don’t have those small, round plump bodies with big eyes that make you want to coo and make ridiculous sounds while you squeeze them. They are just a smaller version of themselves in a few years….yikes! However, our dear pit bull isn’t worried what the neighbors will say about her involvement with the new hatchling, or whether society will accept the ugly little duckling, she just wants to.……well, squeeze his little cheeks and coo, and fawn over the little guy like any decent mother or father would.

The origin of man’s best friend is the wolf. That’s right our canine friends are descendants of the wolves….as in “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”  Wolves are a fierce and chilling member of the canine family, not an animal most people are looking to commune with while exploring the great outdoors. However, what most people don’t know, is that the wolf is one of the few wild animals that rear their young until adulthood. They are nurtured and socialized so that they can become a valuable member of the pack. Within the pack are numbers and in numbers is safety. This type of rearing instills a strong sense of family ties in the young and mature members of the pack.

This basic nature can also be found in the wolf’s descendants, man’s best friend. Despite the reputation of the American Pit Bull, this particular canine demonstrates a strong maternal instinct for their young. The natural characteristics of the pit bull, loyalty, companionship, and protectiveness, lend themselves to a strong nurturing instinct. But wait, this does not only apply to their own young, but extends to the young of other species as well. If you spend the time to dig under the media hype surrounding the pit bull you will find stories and pictures of those same pit bulls caring for all young, including our own.


On a personal note, I’ve seen this same care given to the old, the small, and the frail. I believe strength instills confidence in the pit bull, intelligence instills compassion, and their nature to nurture instills an uncharacteristic tenderness in this powerful creature.



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