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The Pied Piper of Geese


It takes a magical flute for the Pied Piper to lead the rats away and snake charmers use gourds to make their snake soothing instruments. So, what does it take to make geese compliant? Can you guess? It’s not an instrument. They are far easier to coax than snakes or rats and all you need is a little bit of food. Or a lot, depending on how many geese are present.

If you’ve never been around geese who know what humans are good for, then you’ve probably never seen this happen. It’s a fairly common occurrence when nature collides with humanity. In instances like this where a small park area meets a stream or pond very close to the hustle and bustle of busy human life, things could get dangerous.

Humans are suckers when it comes to feeding wild animals. It’s so hard to resist when they’re coming towards you with hungry eyes. Feeding them isn’t always such a good thing. It gets them used to humans and then they no longer fear us or our inventions. Like these geese, just wandering across the street blocking traffic. This could be very dangerous if one wasn’t expecting geese to be in the road. They could cause a devastating accident.


I applaud this guy for doing something to get them off of the street. It also makes me wonder if he does this on a schedule. If he comes and gives them a big bucket of food at the same time on the same days, they’ll be expecting him. What if he’s late? Will they head towards where he comes from, crossing the deadly street? Maybe they were all just going on a journey. The truth is; anyone can be a goose whisperer, all it takes is the promise of a snack and they will follow you anywhere.


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