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Pick Your Pet, Pot-Bellied Pig or Pit Bull


I don’t think this little porker put enough thought into his plan to pummel the much bigger Pit Bull before plunging in with his pearly whites. The little fellow was in luck though, because it appears this vicious Pit Bull has no idea that it’s a pot-belly full of Beggin Strips that’s attached itself to his face. If he had, we’d be laughing at how funny that Pit Bull looks with pigtails!

The American Pit Bull breed is at the center of one of today’s favorite controversies, dangerous or docile? It seems everyone has an opinion one way or the other but there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to this fantastic breed of dog. The Pit Bull has been a part of our society and evident in households all over the world over since the 1200’s, but they haven’t always had the vicious reputation that they have today.

In the early 1200’s, Pit Bulls were bred to bait bulls and bears for the entertainment of the English aristocrats. They were created to be both powerful and brutal by the same society that condemns them today, and when the bull and bear baiting were no longer amusing, they were turned on each other for the entertainment of the masses. In recent years, dog fighting and the American Pit Bull have been brought into the limelight bringing this brutal sport and dog breed into the living rooms of America’s households perpetuating the myth that is the American Pit Bull.


You can research and ponder the disposition of a Pit Bull for days, weeks, even years, but if you want to learn the true nature of a Pit Bull you have to experience at least one on a personal level. I assure you the majority of this dynamic breed are loyal, loving, and patient with the littlest and busiest of us.

Or, you could pick the pig.


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