Penguin Shuffle


Can I get a head bob? Let me see you move it to the left, left. Move it to the right, right. Everybody clap your flippers and do the penguin shuffle! If there was ever a real penguin dance and they did it all in unison, it would certainly be, the penguin shuffle.

Lets be honest now. Penguins are friggin’ adorable. Now penguins are mostly found in the southern hemisphere. It’s possible that they do this dance to stay warm. I mean it’s only about negative eighty-five degrees down there all the time. Okay, maybe it isn’t that cold.

There are seventeen to twenty different species of penguins. That means it’s possible that there are that many different dance styles. Certainly they don’t all dance the same. Some penguins have more than likely perfected the style of the shuffle. Some foot kicks here and flipper flappers there. If one of the legends has learned the art of the moonwalk, I will lose my mind. That would be amazing.


Penguins can’t fly but they are able to leap from the water up on to the ice and slide into home base. It looks like they are wearing tuxedos and always dressed up for the occasion. This actually helps them be camouflaged and blend into the black ocean while they are swimming. Penguins love to swim in the water. Next to dancing, it’s probably one the their favorite things to do. They can swim anywhere from four to seven miles per hour. The fastest of the penguins is able to reach speeds up to twenty miles per hour. Quite impressive for a waddling land dweller.

If you plan on taking a trip down to Antarctica make sure to bring your best dance moves. You might be walking out along the ice and be challenged in a dance off against a very skilled, penguin.


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