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Pandas are adorable, irresistible balls of fluff; I would pay money to get my hands on one! China has possibly made my wildest dreams come to fruition; they actually offer full time employment as a panda hugger. That’s right, you read that correctly; you can actually get paid a real salary to hug pandas all day long. I may just have to quit college and move my family there.

China has always taken great pride in and cherished the giant panda; they are referred to there as China’s ‘national treasure’. As the Chinese population has grown, the pandas natural habitat has been increasingly diminished causing the panda population to decrease. They are classified as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The people of China have worked diligently to keep the giant panda numbers in tact hence they take caring for them very seriously.

The Chinese have implemented a very special employment opportunity that entails caring for these sweet black and white fur balls round the clock. They state that the job is not as easy as it sounds; China Daily has made this official statement. “Your work has only one mission, spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows. You need perseverance for this job. We expect that the applicants will be mainly white-collar workers from big cities. They are used to eating whatever they want, but inside the giant panda base, the choices will not be plentiful.”


The job pays $32,000.00 annually, which I think is pretty awesome considering the job description. In order to be considered you must be at least 22, have basic knowledge of pandas, have good writing skills, and be able to take pictures. OK, so where do I sign up to be a giant panda mother hugger?

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