Mutant Giant Spider Dog


Run for your lives, there’s a giant spider on the loose! I’m just kidding, it’s only a dog dressed like a giant hairy spider. Still, it looks pretty terrifying!

I’m not too terribly scared of spiders, unless there’s a possibility that it might touch me in any way. If I see one across the room, I’ll leave it alone and pretend like it doesn’t exist. If it’s above me on the ceiling, I assume that it’s intentions are to fall on me and turn me into a karate master. So, of course, I’ll move to a spider free zone. But, I try not to harm them in any way, unless they’re a threat.

There’s this really dark, creepy alley that I have to walk down twice a week. It’s in a really old part of the downtown area where I live. I’m talking coble stone streets, old. In the winter months, when it gets dark early, the downtown stores close and it becomes eerily silent.


The dark alley that I walk down has a second, smaller alleyway that comes out of nowhere halfway down. It perpendicularly intersects the alley, right where the door is that I have to enter. Occasionally, I hear a very quiet, squeaky hinge, kind of noise coming from that little alley. It makes me go through that door like I’m being chased.

This would be the perfect location for a spider dog prank. It’s such a scary place. If I saw a giant spider coming out of that side alley, my heart would probably freeze with fear and I’m sure I would pee my pants. If it was a real spider, I would be eaten before I could even unfreeze enough to think about moving.

How would you react if you saw this in a dark, deserted area? I think, in all actuality, I would probably only freak out momentarily before my mind could comprehend the untrue nature of it. I would be an unbelieving believer before I knew it wasn’t true.


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  • Thats awesome!! I which I could be that creative… Maybe I’ll dress my cat up like a spider…. but I don’t know how scary a lazy spider sleeping on its back would be 🙂

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