Mouflon Rescued by Incredible Human


This guy is truly a hero, in my eyes. Judging by the dirt circle around that tree, it looks like the Mouflon had been trying to escape for a while before it was so graciously rescued. Before watching this video, I had no idea that an animal called a Mouflon even existed. It sort of looks like a big beautiful bull.

What is a Mouflon?

The Mouflon is actually a type of wild sheep that’s most commonly found on the islands of Cyprus, Sardina and Corsica. They can also be found throughout Europe. They’re easily identified by their tri-colored markings. Being mostly a black or dark brown color, they have lighter reddish patches on their sides and white on their legs, belly and head.

A second distinguishable feature are the Mouflon’s heart shaped horns. All males, also called rams, have horns that continue to grow. Some females have horns while others don’t. I was curious as to why this was, but I couldn’t find anything out about it. It could be a location thing. The females that do acquire horns though, don’t grow them as large as the males.


The average female Mouflon, or ewe, is ready to start mating between the ages of 2 and 4. The males are ready around the same time, but their social hierarchy prohibits them from doing so, until they obtain dominance and a higher social standing. This usually happens around age 7.

Ewe’s and bulls live apart from each other. Male Mouflon live in all male groups, constantly asserting their dominance. The biggest bulls with the largest horns are the leading experts in this field. Females live together as a group with a social structure similar to the males, only the maturity process lasts for a much shorter period of time.

One weird thing that Mouflon will do, is regurgitate their food. That’s not the weird part, though. After they do this, they eat it again. Well, at least they’re into recycling.

I would like to think, if I were faced with a similar situation, that I could summon up the calm determination that this guy had and do the same thing. It was a very brave and selfless thing to do!


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