Moose Ball


Ha, this moose is quite literally having a ball! Such fascination with this squishy round thing. He looks so disappointed when it gets stuck in the bush and he can’t get it out.

Moose Antlers

Moose are the largest in the deer family, easily recognized by their rounded muzzle, flat hand shaped antlers and the slight hump in their back. You will only find these big animals in colder areas that don’t reach above 80°F. Usually northern United States, Canada and also in Europe. They can’t handle the heat because they can’t sweat.

Although, we had one here in Nebraska just a few weeks ago. He was somewhat of a celebrity, you never knew where he would be spotted next.


A male moose is also called a bull moose. Little bull moose start growing their antlers when they reach one year. Each year they’ll be bigger and have more finger-like points until they reach their prime. These antlers have been known to grow as large as 6 feet and weigh 60 pounds! That’s a heavy hat.

Bull moose begin growing their antlers in the spring every year. They’re covered in a fuzzy layer of skin called velvet. This velvet protects the soft bone of the antler while it’s growing. It’s actually blood-engorged vascular skin that will die and fall off when the antler finishes growing and the bone hardens. It only takes around five months to complete this growth process.

Sometime between late fall and early winter bull moose will lose their antlers. It must feel nice for them to be able to lift their heads again. Then they begin the process again in the spring only to grow them bigger and better. After a male moose reaches it’s prime, his antlers will decrease in size and grandeur every year until he dies.

The moose in this video has red antlers, which means that he has probably been in the process of shedding that velvet. Sometimes they even eat it. Scientists believe that when they rub their antlers on things, like this guy is doing with the ball, it’s because they are reacting to an excess of testosterone and he is marking his scent. He claimed that ball and it got taken by the bush. I feel that the lashing he gave that bush was absolutely justified!


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