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Micro Pigs, Fact or Fiction?


I saw this video of micro pigs (also known as teacup pigs), and my heart just melted! I have heard a lot of talk about having pigs as pets. Some say they are just as loyal as dogs and in my humble opinion they certainly are just as cute, if not more cute then some cats and dogs. I’m wondering, are micro pigs really great pets? I did a little research on the subject and I was totally surprised by what I found out; the whole thing is really just a scam.

First of all, there really is no such thing as a micro pig; these are really just baby potbellied pigs that are underfed to stunt their growth. Heartbreaking! A full grown pot bellied pig may look small when standing next to a traditional farm pig that weighs up to 600lbs, but truth be told the potbellied pig usually weighs around 100-150 lbs; nothing “micro” or “teacup” about that!

How are pig breeders pulling this off? Well, these pigs are able to reproduce when they are only 3 months old, so to convince potential buyers the breeders will invite them to come meet the piggy parents. When the buyers arrive they are fooled into thinking they are meeting the full grown parents; however, the mom and dad are still just piglets themselves.


Some breeders will inbreed their pigs to try and produce a smaller size, and as we all know inbreeding leads to genetic problems which can cause breathing problems and other health issues. The breeders then often instruct the buyers to feed their pigs a diet that results in starvation and malnutrition. The buyers are told that their pig will grow too large if overfed, but really these pigs naturally grow to 150 lbs!

My Google search on the topic resulted in a myriad of online companies selling these “micro” pigs, and their offer’s did look enticing. The practices of these breeders, however result in animal cruelty, and that’s just not something I can get on board with. Maybe potbellied pigs do make great pets, so if you’re interested just do your research, make sure you have the right expectations and get a pig from a reputable source.

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