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Metal Singing Parrot


“LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOOR!” I have seriously watched this video 5 times! I just can’t get enough, and I don’t really even like that song. Talking birds are extremely fascinating, I think we have all wanted our pets to be able to speak to us at some point, and the fact these birds can accomplish that is totally cool.

Parrots are very intelligent and social birds, so social that they have learned to communicate with whomever they are kicking it with. They are one of a select group of only 6 animals that possess this capability. These birds are so social that their desire to interact with humans is what pushes them to learn the complexities of speaking. Talking with your parrot reinforces your bond, as theses chatty Cathy’s consider you as their flock.

We humans know that the lips and tongue play an essential role in producing communication, and last time I checked these birds just have a sturdy beak. So how are they producing these sounds? In humans the larynx, which is located at the top of the throat that houses vocal cords produces sound. The parrot has a similar structure called a syrinx that basically functions the same way. Once they produce the sound, it passes through their throat and mouth where it is manipulated by the tongue to produce words.


Some parrots never learn to speak, others it takes years and some only 6 months. This depends on the type of bird and the relationship it has with it’s owner. Parrots generally learn simple terms by hearing them over and over. Most people to teach their birds simple phrases like “hello”, “good morning”, or “I wanna a cracker!”

Considering how hard it is for a bird to produce human speech, this metal singing bird really has a very special talent. We know for sure its owner REALLY likes Drowning Pool. If I had a bird as cool as this I think I would teach it a little opera, just to class it up.

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