Mama Dog To The Rescue!


Just a warning: This isn’t a funny video, it’s more of a sad one. But I feel that it’s important because it shows how powerful the bond is between a mother and her babies. It’s incredible to see that even animal mothers will risk their own lives to save their helpless little ones. The mother instinct is one of nature’s greatest built in mechanisms. It seems to go hand in hand with the survival instinct.

The Love of a Mama Dog

The mother instinct kicks in before the birth of her puppies. She knows when she’s getting close so she starts to nest. She’ll build a nice cozy bed that she returns to frequently until the time comes. When they’re born, puppies are both blind and deaf and they rely solely upon their mothers to survive.

Upon entrance to the world, the mother begins the process by cleaning the pup. This does far more for the puppy than just clean them. In a sense it wakes up their bodies, by stimulating their system. It also helps guide them to their only food source, Mama. Puppies wouldn’t even be able to relieve themselves if it weren’t for their mothers help. That stimulating lick is very important.


As their newborns grow into mobile puppies, mother dogs are ever vigilant. They are always nearby, keeping a watchful eye and an open ear. She knows her babies cries and will be there in an instant if she feels they’re in any danger.

When their pups become more independent, the mothers attention changes from a nurturing and protective nature to that of a more guiding intention. While still protective, at this stage the mother tries to prepare her babies for the world. She spends much of her time keeping them out of trouble and teaching them independence.

Depending on the breed of dog and the mother herself, some Mama dogs can recognize her pup even years later. That’s a pretty strong bond. This mother was probably heartbroken to have lost almost half of her litter to the flood. But if it weren’t for her outstanding bravery and that deep maternal bond, she would have lost them all. There would be no dogs if it weren’t for the caring love of the Mamas who helped them get that far and the gracious humans who will take her place if she falls.


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