Lion, Tiger and Bear are Best Friends Forever


This loveable trio is a living testament to the strength of a bond that can be formed in extreme circumstances. Their friendship was cemented during the cruel confinement they shared as cubs. These three were rescued from the basement of a drug lair, during a bust. They were malnourished, infested with parasites, physically injured and scared to death. They were taken to a place called Noah’s Arc in Locust Grove, GA. Here they were nursed back to health and have remained, together, ever since.

All three suffer the emotional scars that come along with being abused, but Baloo the American black bear and Leo the African lion, bear the physical scars left behind by the cruelty of the humans who confined them. Baloo had been wearing a harness that was never adjusted to his growing size and the skin had grown around it, embedding the harness deep into his flesh. A surgery had to be done to remove it and to clean the infected area. Leo had been confined to a cage that was too small and suffered from an open, infected wound on his nose. The wound was treated and healed, but it left a lifelong scar. Shere Khan the Bengal tiger was in the best shape, but was malnourished and underweight.

The trio is often called the “BLT” because of their closeness. They were rescued in 2001 and have only been apart once in their lives, during Baloo’s surgery as a cub. Leo and Shere Khan were stressed out and crying for their missing brother while they were apart. Now they’re all grown up and happy to be living together in an environment that suits them all. They show each other affection with head nuzzles and they play together whenever they want.


Maybe it wasn’t their cruel treatment that made them so close. Maybe it was the love and support that they gave each other while healing from the trauma that turned them into family. But they are family, despite their differences in appearance.

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