Lion Prank


I’ll be the first to admit that if I was strolling along and this giant mock lion came running at me I would book it too. This is an English mastiff and his body size and color are ideal for making a very convincing lion. This is not the first time people have attempted to pass this canine off as a feline; a few years ago a zoo in China attempted to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion. Visitors caught on pretty quick.

Huge dogs have always held a special place in my heart. The phrase gentle giant is always what comes to mind when I cross paths with one of these great beasts. The English mastiff is one of the world’s largest dog breeds, holding the record for the heaviest dog weighing in at 343 pounds!

Mastiffs were originally bred for blood sports such as baiting bears, bulls, and ironically lions. However, these guys are truly gentle giants, and generally have very mild temperaments. Even though these dogs are considered excellent guard dogs, they rarely bark at or attack an intruder. They will usually back the perp up into the corner or use their enormous mass to pin them to the ground. You can appreciate their non-lethal force technique. Guard dog training is not required for these massive and powerful dogs, when they sense danger they will instinctively defend unless instructed not to.


These dogs will really make an ideal addition to your family. These dogs are self-confident, watchful and very patient, making them great for kids. Their calm, gentle and even tempered disposition makes them easy to train. They love to please and easily follow human direction.

Dressing these massive dogs up as lion is certainly entertaining, but maybe you should consider dressing them up as a miniature horse instead, because it fits their personality more and won’t make people need to change their underwear!


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