Lazy polar bear


Look at this lazy polar bear. Just can’t seem to keep his head up. But is he just really lazy or is there more to this action? We’ll find that out later.

Polar bears are extremely smart bears. Some believe their IQs to be very close to that of some apes. They exhibit this intelligence in many ways. First, they are expert hunters. Even in areas where food is scarce, they seem to always be able to hunt and trap seal. They are excellent trackers with great sniffers too!

They are also great problem solvers. They have been known to come up with some ingenious methods to get what they want. In zoo settings, they have been seen breaking ice to get fish frozen inside, utilize buttons or levers to drop a snack when they want it, climbing, and maneuvering in their environments to get somewhere that may seem impossible. They communicate through both body language and vocalization, which is something that most high functioning mammals do.


Polar bears at one point were in danger because of hunting. However, in 1973 there was an agreement signed by 5 large polar bear nations to conserve them. Oddly enough, hunting is not the biggest reason for these bears being in jeopardy. The current issue at hand is loss of habitat due to climate change.

So why does this guy push himself along in the snow? Well it turns out he isn’t just lazy. Polar bears are known for being extremely clean animals. They routinely go swimming, use snow to clean themselves if available, and they also will roll on their backs, rub their heads in the snow, and like this guy, push forward through the snow on their bellies. So turns out, he’s just trying to clean himself. Either way, it’s a blast to watch polar bears with their ingenious ways and dog like behavior. So next time you’re at the zoo, make sure to check these guys out!


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