Kitten vs Lizard

Written by Keenan Angel

Wait…what do we have here?! We have the crafty feline creeping up and checking out this wild creature here. What is the creature you ask? Well…it’s a reptile. Wait! There are two reptiles. One feline and two reptiles. This is either going to be a war or it’s going to be a cat and mouse game. Only time will tell.

The small, yet ferocious, kitten sneaks up behind the first lizard. Apparently the kitten must also be blind in one eye because there is another lizard just off to the side! The kitten doesn’t even notice the darn thing. It sits and waits looking at it’s prey. Wondering to itself, “What in the sam heck is this thing?” As it slowly creeps in the tail on the lizard wags. But wait! The kitten sees the other lizard. It doesn’t move though. The kitten clearly things its an unmovable object. It can’t be real! The kitten scoots back when it sees the tail wag. The lizard feels the presence of this ferocious feline moving in! It slowly scoots away in hopes of avoiding a vicious attack. Then out of nowhere the second lizard comes in. The cat turns and BAM!

This kitten must of jumped a solid five feet in the air! That might be exaggerating just a little. That kitten scrambled out of there and wanted no part of those two lizards trickery. Double teaming just ain’t fair sometimes and unfortunately that kitten had to find out the hard way. Let this be a lesson. Not all lizards are fake and if you’re in a two on one situation, take every precaution not to be destroyed. Lizards are sneaky in their slowness and when they happen to be paired up with a partner…all the stops come out.


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