Kids at the Zoo

Written by Keenan Angel

Kids love the zoo. All people love the zoo. Well the animals inside the zoo might not be so happy, but for the most part the zoo is a very enjoyable place. Families can come and hang out with their children and see animals that they never get to see in person if it wasn’t for the zoo’s.

Zoo’s aren’t all bad either. There are many animals currently in zoo’s that are being put on the endangered species list. If it wasn’t for these zoo’s keeping them safe it’s very possible that they might end up going extinct. When kids are at the zoo they want to touch the animals. It’s just child human nature. We want to wave at them and pet them.

Unfortunately some animals don’t always agree with that approach. They tend to hit the glass and try scare the little kids away. Monkeys and gorillas are the most notorious for this. Always slinging their poop around or charging at the glass to frighten people. Or maybe it might be a lion trying to eat your little child through the glass. I’m sure to them that little three year old looks like a wonderfully tasty dessert.


Then you have the polar bears jumping out of the water and trying to impress the little children. To these young ones they’ve never seen anything so majestic, funny or cool their entire lives. They’re eating every part of the entertainment up just like they should be. Just make sure to not accidently drop them inside of a cage with a gorilla, or a tiger, lion or bear…oh my. That probably wouldn’t be the best idea and you’d hate to be ridiculed on the news for the next week. Don’t be those parents.


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