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Introducing Dogs and Cats


Cats and dogs. Natural enemies and best friends. There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground. Depending on the cat/dog relationship it could be all barks and hisses or all love and snuggles. Sometimes both can take place within the same relationship but not usually at the same time. It seems to be up the cat most of the time.

Introducing Cats and Dogs

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the love/hate relationship between a cat and a dog.


When you introduce the two is important. If you introduce the two of them when they are both babies they will be more likely to have that loving friendship bond because they don’t know what it’s like to be apart from one another. This scenario is slightly unlikely though since one new pet is usually more than enough for any person to handle. Two different species of new pets at the same time, while absolutely adorable is slightly unrealistic.

In a more realistic scenario, if the dog is older when you introduce a kitten it will probably be a trial and error sort of thing depending on if the dog has had previous experience with cats. This type of situation generally ends in a bond of friendship. Starting with the kitten loving all over the pooch and warming up that big doggy heart.

When the cat is older and you introduce a puppy it’s still hit and miss. Again, if the cat is already used to dogs the transition may go smoother. If not, the cat will probably torment the dog and that poor puppy will end up like one the dogs in this video.

If they are both older when they are introduced then all bets are off. If they are both used to the other species than this type of greeting will probably be friendly ending in an immediate friendship. If not then backing away may be a really good idea before tossing them together because it’s most likely that fur will fly.

Remember not to pick up the cat if a fight breaks out, especially if they have claws. It’s much easier and generally less painful to pull the dog away.

Different breeds and personalities can also play a role in the development of friendship between animals.

Sometimes even color is fundamental. My mom has three tri-colored beagles and an orange cat that could care less about the dogs. I have a tan and white beagle that is almost the same color as my moms cat. The cat will rub his head all over my dogs chin and face and purr like crazy. I think it’s because they are the same color and they have bonded because of it.

There are many ways that bonds can be formed or broken between cats and dogs. It will forever be a precarious balance.


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