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The Incredible Friendship of a Dragon and a Cat


Friends don’t only come in different shapes and sizes, but different species as well. Cold blooded, warm blooded; it really doesn’t matter as long as there’s a connection felt by both. These two loveable companions are living proof that all it takes is the right two personalities, combining, to make life a perfect harmony.

Some friendships are formed instantly at first contact and others are formed gradually over a period of time. Then there’s those who clash from the very beginning and will always be arch enemies. This pattern is the same with animals as it is with humans. It all depends on personalities and how they mesh together or work against each other.

If you were to just put your cat and bearded dragon together in a room alone on their first encounter, you’d very likely have a bloodbath on your hands. In the eyes of a bearded dragon, cats are predators and they pose a huge threat. If you are looking to have a great cat/dragon dynamic, there will either be a lot of work or in some some cases very little. The introduction is important.


When introducing two different species to each other, it’s very important to know the warning signs. A cat’s twitching tail and wiggling hindquarters are a sure indication that kitty will pounce. A bearded dragon puffing out his beard or hissing, is telling you that he feels threatened. Supervision is the key.

Within the first few meetings you should have a pretty good feel for how they will respond to each other. If they walk right up to each other and instantly start snuggling, then you have two incredibly laid back animals; but you probably already knew that. They could be interested in each other but hesitant. If that’s the case then keep at it. If one is noticeably afraid of the other or one is aggressive towards the other, then use your own judgement. You know your animals better than anyone, but if it doesn’t lessen with each encounter then it would be a good idea to consider keeping them apart.

Not all animals will get along. Hopefully you will find that your two friends have the right personalities to co-habitate peacefully. If they get to the point where they seek each other out in order to enjoy each other’s company than I think you can definitely call it a win. Just remember that this may not be the case with your animals, and that’s alright too. Love them individually.


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