Iguana vs Snakes

Written by Keenan Angel

The iguana is looking around. There is a clear path ahead of him. Nothing in this world ever comes easy and even he knows that. He inches forward, slowly and carefully. He scans around the rocks and the open terrain looking for anything that might be of danger to him. Hidden back in the rocks lie the snakes. They too are creeping forward…looking for prey to catch. Pereing around, hoping they can sink their fangs into an unsuspecting foe. Tongues are hanging out of their mouths and they’re slithering back and forth, patiently waiting. The iguana is out numbered fifty to one. He’s spots a snake slowing making it’s way towards him. The snake raises it’s head up to try and intimidate the iguana. The snake drops it’s head on the iguana’s tail and BAM the iguana shoots off like a cannon ball. It’s hard for the camera’s to even keep up and pan with the iguana, it’s running so fast. He looks like the cheetah of the reptile world. The snakes begin coming out of every hole and underneath every rock. They don’t start showing up one by one, but by the tens. The iguana is ducking and dodging each snake making its way in front of him. Then crash, he slams right into the mouth of snake and gets bum rushed by another five snakes. They all curl up and began wrapping their bodies around him. Squeezing tighter and tighter. HislLife is slowly being crushed and then a miracle happens and he gets away! Dashing up the rock side with a snake fresh on his tail. The iguana makes a small leap and then dives from one rock on to another. He barely makes it. The snake flies off the rock after him, jaw wide open, then slams its face into the rock and down it goes, to the ground below. The iguana makes its way to the top of the rock with a victory in hand.


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