Husky with Stage Fright


Dogs with Anxiety

I absolutely love this dog! He looks exactly like how I would look if I was on the news. Staring blindly into the camera just hoping and praying this would be over soon. It makes me feel like my stage fright isn’t that bad, if someone this cute and huggable is experiencing the same thing.

Stage fright happens to dogs just as often as it happens to humans. Even a much loved cartoon that many of us grew up with, Scooby Doo, showed a dog that was pretty much scared of everything. This just goes to show that humans are not alone when it comes to anxiety.

Just like humans, our anxieties are individually unique to each of us. How a dog reacts to anxiety will differ depending on the dog’s personality as well. Some dogs will suddenly become anxious, overheated, or over-amped. You might find them doing things that they don’t usually do at home, such as lunging at other dogs, or running away fearful with their tails between their legs. They also might get some physical symptoms like diarrhea, skin rashes, or other illnesses.


These type of situations happen more often in show dogs or therapy dogs, but they could also happen anytime that your dog gets stressed out, because he’s around a lot of people for any particular reason. Think of how many times you go to the park, and suddenly your dog is the center of attention, which could make anybody nervous if they aren’t used to this type of attention.

There are some things that you can do to help your dog get over some of these fears. Like humans, dogs need as much positive feedback as you can get them. Say what you want out loud and directly to them, even if you don’t think that they’re listening or that they can’t understand you, it doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you. By constantly communicating to them in a positive tone, puts them at ease.

Also like humans practice makes perfect, and starting off slow helps dogs as well. Such as taking them out of their comfort zone for just small engagements, for example taking them to a party with just a couple of your friends or just getting them more used to people in small doses.

There is also many aromatherapy types of supplements that have been known to relaxed dogs as well as humans.

Honestly, there’s hundreds of different techniques of how to help your dog overcome anxiety, but however you choose to do it, do it with love and compassion just like he would do it for you.


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